The EFTPOS terminal that let's you take card payments without the cost.

  • Neutralise your Merchant Service fees so that you have nothing to pay at the end of the month

  • No need to change your surcharge regularly

  • No need to update your signage regularly

  • No need to update your POS regularly

  • No need to retrain your staff regularly

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard systems (PCI-DSS)

  • No need to change bank accounts

  • You keep 100% of the transaction, we cover all transaction fees and terminal hardware costs*

Here is how we Help?

The only Fully Automated Tap & Go Surcharge Terminal that allows merchant to apply surcharge on both Credit and Debit Transactions

Full Amount of sale goes to the merchant, NO additional fee charged on the surcharge collected.

How We Differ!

Our Terminals automatically update with the Exact Match Surcharge Details, no need to call customer service and risk incorrect set up.

Keeping it nice and simple and really, really fast with your tap n go transactions!

Fully Neutralise fees on contactless payments.

Why We are the ONLY Solution on the market

There are NO transaction costs to you!

Your customers pay ONLY the exact match cost that you do. This ensures you remain compliant with the new rules

If the terminal transacts over $10k a month, the terminal rental fee of $34.95/m is waived

How Much Does it cost?

Achieve Cost Neutral transactions on all card types

Only Fully Automated Surcharge for Tap & Go Transactions (other providers are do not provide this…read their fine print)

Never lose a sale due to connectivity

3G Roaming SIM picks between Telstra, Optus and Vodafone for the best connection

Fully Automated Surcharge

No need to follow complex processes and contacting customer support for the set up

End of Day / Shift reconciliation in less time

End of Day/Shift clearly separate surcharge for sale amounts

No stress complying with surcharge rule changes

Our automated system is free from human error giving you the confidence of complying with the new rules of surcharge

Receive the full amount of the sale

Unlike other providers, we do not charge merchant service fees on top of the surcharge collected

Process more customers faster

Fastest Tap and Go Transacting terminal on the market




SmartCharge is your best solution to rising merchant fees. The banks are stepping away from ATMs and cash distribution. They need to replace a $500 million revenue stream. They are doing this by increasing their EFTPOS merchant fees. Making use of SmartCharge’s third-party surcharge is really the best solution to this problem. 
It is important to position this product as a third-party provider. It is also important to understand that the end consumer is really benefitting the most out of this product. Where merchant fees are increasing regularly you can either decide to increase the price of everything on your menu or simply charge the merchant fee once at the time of payment. The customer is saving the most in the long run. 

More Details

Monthly Credit card sales

$20 000 

$60 000

$100 000

$500 000

Bank Fee's You can save per month.

$280 - $400

$840 - $1200

$1400 - $2000

$7000 - $10 000

Bank Fee's you can


save per year.

$3360 - $4800

$10 080 - $14 400

$16 800 - $24 000

$84 000 - $120 000

Based on Bank fee's  0.6% - 1% and Interchange bank fee average 0.19% to 2.5%

Fee free Eftpos 

Forms and Flyers

Eftpos Flyer

Eftpos Flyer

Eftpos Form

Eftpos Application form


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Are the Terminal's mobile?

Yes the terminal is Mobile and work on the Telstra Network or over your Wifi network.

What is 3rd party customer surcharge?

Third party surcharge is an amount of money added to the transaction to cover the costs associated with processing a payment. As the Reserve Bank of Australian guidelines on surcharge is that merchants are not to profit from surcharge, our terminals are the only option on the market to ensure merchants maintain appropriate compliance.

Won't customers complain about surcharge?

Customers complain when their expectations are not met. Our customer care team will send you a sign to display at the Point of Sale to correctly inform customers of the surcharge. This ensures your customers are well informed and you are compliant with the Reserve Bank of Australia.

It is natural for some customers at first to comment, however we see that the majority make no comment or have no issue as surcharge has been in place since 2003 and used in almost all industries in Australia.

What if I lose a customer because they don't want to pay surcharge?

A. You have two options here.
Option 1: You can opt to not charge the customer the surcharge and absorb the surcharge rate (just like you currently do with the credit card and interchange fees)


Option 2: Continue to charge the surcharge and you may not lose the customer. Merchants constantly give us the feedback that the amount of money saved far outweighs a lost customer here or there.

Is there any fee's?

The only fee is a monthly terminal rental fee of $34.95 per terminal. If the terminal transacts more than $10k per month the Terminal rental fee is waved. This will neutralise all Eftpos fee's and there is no other costs.